Inspired Friends, Living Fully

Our paths crossed through yoga in 2003 while we were both on an inner quest of realizing our soul’s purpose. Yearning to experience life fully while inspiring others to do the same, we left our corporate jobs after many years to teach and live yoga and wellness. Realizing we both grew up with a longing to see the world and explore other cultures, we decided to pair our two favorite things together - yoga and travel.

Seeking balance, adventure and community we planned our first retreat, to Italy. Memories of Umbrian sunsets, practicing yoga amidst the rolling countryside, sharing Italian meals and laughter with other like-minded spirits kept us going back for more. We realized that our adventures filled our hearts and nourished our spirits. And this fullness has brought the two of us, to you.

Finally, One Hundred Skies Yoga Adventures was officially born. As an owner of three yoga studios, a holistic health counselor, and full-time yoga teachers; we know how challenging it is to do all that inspires us. So here we are, excited to help you live fully. We want to help you create your own meaningful experiences, in your own unique way.

So whether you’re looking for pure relaxation, an escape from the stresses of daily life, to deepen your yoga practice, to begin living a healthier lifestyle, or simply to enjoy special time with friends and family, we can help. If you’re interested in going on a yoga adventure or are a yoga teacher who would like to share a yoga retreat experience with your community, you came to the right place. We look forward to helping you uncover your own unique adventure! Here’s to living fully.


Liza & Sarah

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